Our inception…

We have been doing SIM unlocks for many years. First, we used to buy iPhones and other smartphones in US and bring them to EU for resale, outside and abroad United Kingdom. Phones were usually locked.

There were many ways to unlock them. Back in the old days it used to be possible to unlock iPhones by updating firmware. Many people used to change their iPhone 3GS baseband to an iPad's one (the famous 06.15.00) but this came with a costly downside, the GPS stopped working.

Always existed a non-factory unlock method for other brands and models. Non-iPhone smartphones were mostly unlocked with a "box", where you use to connect your phone to a "magic box", pay some credits, and get your phone unlocked. Either way, it was not an official unlock, so it would void our phones warranty. That was unacceptable for high end phones (low end devices didn't worth the work bringing them overseas).

A simple solution for a big problem: there is a third way of removing SIM locks, unlocking by IMEI! It is also known as "factory unlocking", it leaves the phone as it had never been locked to any carrier, so no problem with warranty and happy customers.

We started unlocking the phones we imported and use them with any network. But soon, our customers -and also, our providers- started asking us to unlock their devices. After a few years, we were handling so many orders that it became obvious that our main business had switched to SIM unlocking!

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  • review rating 5  Great Thanks to all at NKUnlocks thought I bought a duff phone but no you guys done a great job 2nd site I trued 5 star + saving you on speeddial

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  • review rating 5  Took a little while but definitely worth the wait. Brand new Pixel 3 unlocked within a week. Thank you 🙂

    thumb 3rased

    review rating 5  Multiple unlock codes received in 30 minutes max. First one on the list worked straight away, Fantastic service!!

    thumb Ollie Rolfe
  • review rating 5  The online help was excellent. I was hesitant to go online and get a unlock code. I made the payment via paypal and within 1 hour I received my codes. The first one I tried, it unlocked my phone!! Great job from the UKUNLOCKS guys!!

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    review rating 5  Those people are magicians, great job and delivery time.

    thumb Miro Kadoic
  • review rating 5  more than pleased with this company and service - would definitely recommend and use again - I had been trying to unlock my phone from ee for 6month which ee wouldn't do with it being a new contract ( I was bought as a gift yet had my own on sim on giff gaff which I wanted to keep not ee) - after 6 month they still wanted sim details etc of the contract which I by then hadn't got - I searched the wed and came across this sight - reluctant as many are on purchasing online not having experience with the company and its genuiness- my other phone had completely died I had no phone so was desperate - I went on live chat and questioned everything and also had my phone checked if it was possible to do , they only needed the imei number no other messing or details - they assured me there shouldn't be a problem after checking imei was clear, but I would be reimbursed if it wasn't possible - they requested I keep my internet on my phone at all times and kept me updated by email - so I purchased the unlock £20.99 , may seem little expensive but I spent more on ordering food over those 6 month- it was all worth the spend- my internet decided to go down for a day on the 2nd day so I thought that's it it carnt be done now- after internet back on there it goes all my messages etc popping up , my phone was usable unlocked and working - understatement to say I was happy lol, it was done in the time allocated and unlocked after trying for months - the service was fantastic throughout and even updated emails after and to get intouch with them if any issues- fantastic company and service - after 6 month of frustration from original phone company service - highly recommended this company - thankyou guys 10 ********** stars 🙂

    thumb san p

    review rating 5  The staff is nice, understanding and that makes you trust them. I had a Pixel 2XL blocked on EE network and they managed to unlock it as promised. Great job.

    thumb Alex Tanasa