How to get IMEI number from my iPhone?

In order to get your iPhone unlock you need to provide us your IMEI number, so what is the IMEI? and how can you get it?

IMEI is the acronym for "International Mobile Station Equipment Identity"... or, between you and me, a unique identification number of your phone (as it can not be repeated on any other phone in the world).

We unlock iPhones (and any other phones) "by IMEI", this is, if you provide a wrong IMEI we will unlock the phone of someone else, so make sure you give us the right one!

There are several procedures in order to get the IMEI of your device:

Dial *#06#

This trick works for iPhone and all other GSM phones.

If you dial this exact sequence, your device will give you the IMEI number: *#06#

On some (not iPhone) devices you will need to press the "call" button.

Check under the battery

The IMEI number used to be written under the battery of all the cell phones, but iPhone was released in 2007 without a removable battery, so not possible to use this method for Apple devices.

Check under the SIM tray (dangerous)

A trick some people do not know is that IMEI of iPhones is written under the SIM tray. Nonetheless, we advise you NOT to get the IMEI this way as there are many refurbished iPhones out there whose SIM tray have been switch by trays from a different iPhone or for a chinese clone. Obviously, IMEI will not match your real one... we even had one customer whose ten iPhones had been refurbished, and he sent us the same IMEI ten times. So watch out!


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