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KaiOs Operating System

Operating System KaiOs

For many it is an unknown operating system. This is KaiOS, a software developed to control simple phones, low-performance and especially low price, aimed at emerging markets. It is the operating system used by, for example, the most basic models of the Nokia brand, phones that are not considered “smartphones” even though in recent years they have also begun to have access to certain apps.

In a way KaiOS can be considered, as the successor of FirefoxOS with “apps” that are really simple web applications that are behind an independent program. Most of the phones that use this operating system are of the Nokia brand, and are destined to India or certain countries in Africa where acquiring a smartphone is a considerable expense.


This operating system offers us compatibility with social network applications, among the best known, WhatsApp, Facebook and others. This emerges as a very interesting alternative in markets where it is quite complicated to acquire a smartphone because of the high cost and in this way you can have access to low-cost devices but with the basic functionalities of a smartphone.

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