Mobile World Congress
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Mobile World Congress First day

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is an appointment marked in red in the calendar of all companies and customers in the technology sector. Therefore, it is an event of such magnitude that it creates a trend within the sector. In this edition, we have protagonists that stand out from the rest: the beginnings of the implementation of 5G networks, home automation or "the internet of things" and finally the irruption of folding mobile phones, such as those presented by Huawei giants and Samsung

The Chinese company, together with several operators in the sector, have started their plans to implement the 5G networks. It is estimated that high-speed networks will only take three years to reach 500 million users, the first time in the mobile communications industry that system and terminal equipment grows and matures at the same time.

Nowadays, the main concerns raised by the operators, in relation to the launch of the 5G, are the complexity of the network and the increase of the permanent cost for the operation of a product, but Huawei is already starting to prepare the necessary tools to answer these questions. Peter Zhou, Marketing Director of Huawei Wireless Solutions, has ensured the following: "We have cooperated with several operators, through practice, Huawei's automation solutions have begun to bring automation value to some key scenarios." Huawei is dedicated to transform complexity to create simplicity. "

Connected vehicles in Mobile World Congress

The car manufacturer Seat is known for staying at the forefront of technology in the sector, and in this edition of the MWC has presented "Minimó", a concept car hyperconnected with 5G and developed as an urban mobility platform that has a capacity for two people and an autonomy of more than 100 kilometers. Seat presents Minimó, a two-seater electric vehicle for urban micromobility.

According to company president Luca de Meo, "Seat Minimó has been specially engineered to adapt to the mobility platforms that will mark the future of traffic in cities, where traffic will be restricted and only a few operators go to be able to offer mobility ". The company, which seeks to contribute to reduce the pollution of vehicles in urban centers, is already working with municipal administrations and will analyze the possibility of integrating the proposals of public authorities and citizens in the development of the vehicle.

Flexible mobiles in Mobile World Congress

In this Mobile World Congress a trend that is also currently on the rise in the technological landscape is that of certain operators to make mobile phones. The two companies that are betting on this new technology are Huawei and Samsung, which, taking advantage of the current edition of the Mobile World Congress, have introduced devices that adapt to these properties. The Huawei Mate X will have up to three screens in one, connected to each other by means of hinges. For its part, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is the innovative mobile folding of Samsung, which has six cameras (three rear, two front and one on the cover) and is a dual device, which can be used as both mobile and tablet.

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The Mobile World Congress 2019 plans to exceed 107,000 attendees and generate an economic impact of 473 million euros, as well as 13,900 temporary jobs in its fourteenth edition in Barcelona, ​​which will have 2,400 exhibiting companies, 160 government delegations and 200 countries and regions represented. Ericsson, Facebook, Google, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Qualcomm Technologies, Samsung, Sony and ZTE will be the main brands that will be present at the "Mobile", which will have a gross exhibition area of ​​240,000 square meters divided into eight halls

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It should be noted that, since its first edition in 2006, it has generated for Barcelona an economic impact of around 4,800 million euros and 128,000 temporary jobs. In 2018, the event reached its record of attendees, reaching 108,000, a figure that rose from 101,000 in 2016 and stood at 107,000 during the past year.  All the phones presented in this great convention can be unlocked once they are placed on the market in our store.

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