How to enter Apple unlock code
How to enter Apple unlock code

How to enter iPhone unlock code

To apply/enter iPhone unlock code in your phone there are two paths to follow after you have obtained your unlock code. The two ways are presented below:

Complete Factory unlock with iTunes for iOS <8

*Note: Because of iOS 8 bug, an iPhone can be relocked after update to this version. If you have an earlier version and to avoid such issue, please follow easy steps below:

1. After receiving an email from UKUNLOCKS that your iOS device has been unlocked, you should activate new unlocked status.
2. Remember on this case use WiFi Device activation guide not iTunes.
3. Find an active WiFi connection.
4. Take the original SIM card of the carrier your iDevice is locked to and insert other SIM that was not supported before.
5. On the screen you’ll see the alert “Activation Required”
6. Connect your iPhone to active WiFi network and iOS system will do all the work needed and then activate your new status.
7. After you iDevice has been activated you can install iOS 8 using WiFi or iTunes. You got rid from relocked problem.


There are two ways to complete the unlock process for your iOS 8 or later iDevice

1. Without Restoring in iTunes for iOS 8 or later

Step One: Connect iDevice to the computer and open iTunes (latest version).

Step Two: In case your Apple iDevice is presently working on iOS 8, disconnect gadget after iTunes finds it. Hang on ten seconds and connect iDevice. You should see Congratulations message.

Note 1: If something wrong happens, for instance, iTunes will freeze then just disconnect your iDevice from USB, close iTunes then connect the unit again and launch iTunes.

Note 2: Sometimes there’s no Congratulations message but wait for the network signal which would be mean that iDevice is factory unlocked.

Note 3: If your gadget still running iOS 7 or lower you will have to upgrade it using WiFi first.

Note 4: There’s yet another method to complete the procedure. Insert SIM card of the carrier you want to use (not original) and go to Settings => general => Reset => Reset Networks. Now just wait for the signal. Also try to enable and disable Airplane mode.

If you will fail try to restore iPhone in iTunes to complete unlock. This method below always works.

2. Restore iPhone in iTunes to Complete Factory Unlock iPhone

Step One: Place SIM in your iDevice and connect it with iTunes. Backup all of your documents in iTunes or iCloud.

Step Two: After backup click Restore button.

Note: Make sure that after restoring process you choose Setup as a new iPhone:

Step Three: Click Continue and activate your iDevice. You will see the "Congratulations" message but sometimes it is absent. Don’t worry, because when you get the signal you will be able to make calls and your iDevice is unlocked.

Having problems?

Don't hesitate to ask UKUNLOCKS team if you have any issue entering your unlock code. We offer 24h chat support and fast reply ticket support. We will be pleased to help you in order to get your device unlocked. Visit our unlock shop if you still don't have your unlock code.

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