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Xiaomi Pocophone F2

Pocophone F2, the new from Xiaomi

There is no doubt that the F1 Pocophone turned out to be one of the most amazing phones of the past 2018. Eliminating the unnecessary, as Xiaomi defined the strategy with respect to its POCO brand. The Chinese manufacturer made it clear that if someone else wanted to sneak into the mid-range of smartphones, he would have a lot of work to do. After the success of the Pocophone F1, it was to be assumed that a new generation would come, and the performance of Pocophone F2 could have already been leaked.

As we say, the Little F1 was wonderful. It was released in the summer with high-end specifications (with 6 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 845 processor), but with a mid-range price. Xiaomi had taken the pulse to the mid-range in almost all its aspects, from its entry with the Mi A2 Lite to the average with the Mi A2 and the medium-premium with the already mentioned Little F1.

The device has become a bestseller and a cell phone that has evolved over time. The Pocophone F2, according to the first leaks would have the same processor and amount of RAM as its predecessor. So it is presumed that their improvements will be oriented more towards criticism found in the Pocophone F1, as are the cameras and the screen, this device would have Android 9 Pie.

Can you unlock the New Xiaomi Pocophone F2?

Of course, dear customer, once in the market, we can unlock the Xiaomi Pocophone F2, of the companies EE, Orange, T-Mobile, Tesco, TalkTalk, Three, Virgin and Vodafone, so you can use your phone with any operator in the world and have it permanently unlocked. Go to our store to unlock your Xiaomi Pocophone F2.

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